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Getting to feel just as much like a woman/wife/human being as a mom is integral to getting through these early years with children. Too often, days seem long and lonely when you're the only adult in a house that feels run by tiny hands and feet. It's oh so good to get out there and find a tribe of women doing the exact same things (albeit, all with our own flare). Sometimes just hearing from other local mamas who understand can mean all the difference.

Mountain Park MOPS meets twice monthly (generally, sometimes more and then some less) on Mondays from 10 am-Noon in The Park at Mountain Park UMC. At each of our meetings, our moms enjoy the opportunity to socialize over refreshments. We view a video from the MOPS theme-related curriculum, participate in group discussion, or partake in a fun, creative activity. We also share plights and praises, always closing in a group prayer. We like to make every meeting a lovely mix of socialization and enrichment.

During the meeting, children are cared for downstairs in the church nursery (located in the Preschool Hall), free of charge. We just ask that you RSVP for your children, so we know how many to expect and how many childcare workers to hire. Every worker has been hired through the church (or those that fill in from time to time have been recommended through the church) and has undergone a background check. The preschool hallways are locked after our children arrive to further ensure all of the children's safety.

Evites for meetings are sent out the week before each gathering. We would love to have you join our group for fellowship, food, and maybe just a few minutes of time not answering to the name "Mommy."



The Leadership Team of Mtn Park MOPS

2018 Meeting Dates

FEBRUARY 12th and 26th

MARCH 12th and 26th

APRIL 16th and 30th

MAY 14th