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Information on Consigning with Mountain Park MOPS

What We Accept


  • We only accept seasonal clothes. Spring/Summer clothes in our Spring sale. Fall/Winter clothes in our Fall sale. 
  • We accept the following size clothing - preemie, infant, toddler, girls, boys, pre-teen, teen, and maternity clothing.
  • We accept holiday outfits, swimwear, shoes and accessories that are appropriate for the sale season.
  • Clothes must be washed. Items with holes or spots will not be accepted or allowed for sale.
  • Please snap all snaps and button all buttons. Remember good presentation makes it easier to sell.
  • Rule of thumb: consign only those items that you would consider buying yourself.
  • All clothes must be on hangers. We prefer metal hangers because plastic hangers snap and break easily.
  • Attach clothes using safety pins.
  • Please have hangers facing the garment’s right sleeve – the top of the hanger should look like a question mark.
  • Items with straight pins, staples, or that are taped or have sewn-on tags will NOT be accepted! 
  • Tags must be printed on white or pastel card stock. Tags printed on regular paper will not be accepted because they do not hold up. We want you to have a great experience at our sale, and we do not want your items to get lost because the tags fell off.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not responsible for items that have lost their tags. 


  • Must contain all parts and be in excellent working condition.
  • Please put small parts into a ziplock bag with a duplicate tag inside and a tag attached to the main part of the toy. 
  • Mountain Park UMC MOPS reserves the right to remove any toy that appears broken, dirty or does not work properly.


  • Must contain all parts and be in excellent working condition.
  • Please put small parts (screws, nuts, bolts, tools) in a ziplock bag with a tag inside the bag and attach this bag to the item.
  • Items sell best if they are set up.  

Car Seats

  • Car seats must be within their expiration dates. It is the seller's responsibility to be aware of how many years their seat is good for as well as where the seat's Manufacture and/or Expiration Date is located. 
  • The manufacture or expiration date is either printed on the same tag as the serial number or generally stamped into the plastic on the backside of the seat.  If we cannot find the manufacture or expiration date, we will not be able to accept it.  

Other Items 

  • Books, games, videos, computer software, puzzles, bikes, outside toys and small structures. 
  • Homegood items such as small appliances, dishes, décor, curtains, small furniture pieces, shelving, etc.

What We Do Not Accept

  • Stuffed Animals -- with the exception of Build a Bear and other high-end (Disney, character, etc.) stuffed toys
  • Formula
  • Underwear
  • Feeding Items
  • Pacifiers
  • Teethers
  • Bottle Nipples
  • Sippy Cups
  • Any Recalled items
  • You must check  the CPSC Website ( for information on recalled products -- Do NOT sell these recalled items. 
  • You will have to sign a waiver at check-in stating that you have checked the recall list.

To make everything go smoothly, please only put items in the sale that you would purchase yourself. We are not responsible for items lost, damaged (in any way) or stolen. If you have any questions about consigning, please contact us at