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Become a Seller

Thank you for your interest in becoming a seller. You must have at least 25 items to become a seller. There will be an $8.00 registration fee that applies to all sellers and will be deducted from your final sales total. Please see the information on what items are eligible for the sale.

Steps to selling:

Register with My Consignment Sale

  • We had great success and feedback using the new software at our Fall sale so we will be using it going forward. Please be sure to register via the above link.
  • If you plan to use tags from another sale, please be sure that you register with the same Seller ID so that we know who to pay. PLEASE NOTE: Seller registrations will be limited to one seller number per $8 registration fee. If you register with more than one seller code, be advised that each seller code is subject to the registration fee.
  • After registering with our sale, you can log back in to enter items, manage your inventory, print tags, volunteer, schedule your check in, and view your settlement report.

Enter your items

  • We recommend that you sort your items by clothing (gender & size), toys, equipment, etc. By sorting prior to entering, you will save a lot of time because you will only have to reenter the price and description for each similar item. It has the added bonus of having your items sorted properly for placement on the sales floor.
  • Pricing must begin at $0.50 and increase in increments of $0.50.
  • Pricing guide: Items sell best when priced at 1/3 of the original price for items in excellent condition. Popular or hard to find items generally sell for more as does name-brand clothing.

Print your tags

  • Make sure you use cardstock paper (at least 60#) and only white or pastel colors.
  • Once your tags are printed, make sure the bar code is readable.

 Tag your items

  • Cut tags along the dark line and safety pin to the left shoulder of garment (right side if facing you).
  • For other items, tape tag on a large flat visible surface. You can also place items in ziplock bags and tape the tag to the bag or attach the tag to the item using zip ties. 
  • DO NOT use straight pins, staples or sewn on tags - these will not be accepted.
  • Please tag items so that the tag can be easily removed during check-out and so that the item is not damaged while trying to remove the tag. 

Check in and drop off your items for the sale

  • Please schedule your check-in and drop-off times through My Consignment Sale.  
  • There will be a LIMITED number of evening drop-off times on Wednesday, from 8:00 pm-9:45 pm, on a first-come first-serve basis, so don't wait - reserve your check-in time as soon as you register with our sale. 
  • On Thursday, there will be drop-off times from 9:00 am - 12:45 pm. We do ask that those with more than 100 items please sign up for an earlier drop-off time when available.  
  • Please be on time for your scheduled check-in. 
  • Please have clothing sorted by gender and size.
  • Clothing items will be reviewed and accepted items can then be added to the sales floor. (We do not accept stained or torn clothing.) ALL ITEMS will be placed on the floor by the sellers themselves.

Shop the pre-sale

  • Sellers shop the presale at 7:00 pm on Thursday.
  • You will be given a ticket at check-in that will allow you entrance into the pre-sale.

Pick up unsold items

  • All items that are not sold during the sale will be sorted by seller number and available for pick up on Saturday between 4:00 and 5:00 pm. Sellers will not be allowed entrance for pick-up any earlier than this set time frame.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Any items not retrieved during the appointed time will be donated to a local charity.
  • You may also designate your unsold items to be donated, should you not want them back. Please confirm your donation selection prior to drop off as we will be sorting items for donation BEFORE you come to pick up. 

Check the mail

  • Approximately 10 business days after the sale, you will receive a check for 70% of your proceeds, less your seller registration fee of $8.00. 
  • The remaining 30% of the sales will be used to fund the Mountain Park UMC Mothers of Preschoolers program.  
  • If you volunteer and work 3 shifts, you earn 80% of your sales!
  • If you volunteer for the sorting and/or breakdown shift, your $8 registration fee will be waived!